Antonio Agudo

Dr. Antonio Agudo

Instituto de Investigación en ingeniería de Aragon - Robotics, Perception and Real -Time Group
Antonio Agudo

Dr. Antonio Agudo received the MSc degree in industrial engineering and electronics in 2010, MSc degree in computer science in 2011, and the Ph.D. degree in 2015, from the Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain. He was a visiting student at vision group of Queen Mary University of London (UK) and with the vision and imaging science group of University College London (UK). His research interests include computer vision, machine learning and medical imaging, specifically to retrieve non-rigid motion and camera pose from monocular video sequences and single images.

Contact Information

Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón (I3A).
Robotics, Perception and Real-Time Group (RoPeRT).
Universidad de Zaragoza (UZ).
Campus Río Ebro, Edificio I+D+i.
C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n
E-50018, Zaragoza. España.
p: +34 (876) 555492.

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